Thursday, 17 October 2013

Psychos, CL4-TP and Vault Hunters - First Encounters

If the title didn't already give it away then the game that's being reviewed today is Borderlands! This game would be categorized as a action role-playing, first-person shooter.  The game has both a multiplayer and single-player feature which is practically the same thing.  At the beginning of the game you're given a choice between the 4 Vault Hunters.  You can either choose Lilith the Siren, Roland the Soldier, Mordecai the Hunter or Brick the Berserker.  Each character has a secret ability that you uncover once you reach level 5 and each of these abilities have their own ups and downs.  As well, each character has a certain weapon that is stronger to them then to the other Vault Hunters.  For example, Lilith is stronger with an SMG then she is with a sniper because it is the weapon of her class.  You go through the story mode completing missions and ultimately fighting many bosses along the way.  You level up and get skill points which can be used to fill in your skill tree as well as gathering weapons that are stronger then the ones you begin with.  The multiplayer portion of the game can be really useful because it allows somebody to come along with you on your adventure.  They can also help you beat the story-mode if they're a higher level and stronger then you.  I also find that many people on the game are willing to give you weapons that they may have found on their adventure that could possibly help you out.  My recommendation for starting off the game is to play with each character.  It helps you get a feel for the game and it also allows you to finish a trophy/achievement in the process.  Get used to each of the character's special ability and then make your decision on which character you want to play the story with.  There's also a lot of downloadable content (DLC) for this game.  I found that the Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot was a bit of a bore and that it really took a lot of willpower to finish because it went on for a long time.  So if you don't have a lot of patience I wouldn't recommend getting that DLC.  Overall, I do believe that this is a good game, but personally I prefer the second game of the series.  I'd recommend this to anyone that really likes a funny story-line and action adventure games.  There are a few minor glitches in the game but overall it runs smoothly and is a fun play.
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  1. I've seen this game for sale in some of the used game stores I rummage through, and it's platform was Ps3 (mostly because that it is my main system of preference) is this game also available for P.C or other gaming consoles because it really seems like TF/TF2 which is released by Steam typically made for P.C.

    1. Borderlands is available for XBox, Pc and PS3 and yea I use the PS3 too, I never really got into any of the other consoles.

  2. Is a DLC like a mini-game within the game that you can play? On a different note, just wondering what you think about the actual design of the characters - I've noticed through many years of watching my brother play video games that a lot of the main people are overly stereotypical or sexualized. Take for example the smaller skinny women (Lillith maybe?) a quick google search shows that she is extremely skinny and wears low-cut tops, or the bigger hulky guy who has muscles on top of muscles etc. Do you think this sends the wrong messages to the kids playing these games? Borderlands might be a bit of an extreme example but it seems to me that a lot of characters follow this trend.

  3. This game sounds really cool. I like that there is downloadable content, that's always fun. It sounds like this game would be really fun in multiplayer. So what is the context of the story mode? Do you prefer multiplayer?