Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Choose Your Destiny

Aimi - One of character choices
Aimi - One of the character choices, whooping some bad guy ass!
So I'm sure that many of you have heard of the X-Men.  A new game has been released, but this one allows a bit more self-freedom.  The game's called X-Men:  Destiny and is a really kick-ass game!  So this game is a beat 'em up, action role-playing game, and it is available for most consoles (Xbox, PS3 etc.).  You start the game by choosing a character.  The 3 characters you can choose are Aimi, who was smuggled out of Japan by her mutant parents, Grant, a college student who wishes to become a pro football player, and Adrian, who was born in an anti-mutant family.  Most of the story is the same for each character, but each character does have minor lines/scenes which contribute to their own personal story.  The main story-line is that you can join either the Brotherhood ('bad') side or the X-Men's side in saving the world.  You do certain missions which will award you with rewards and points that go towards one of the two sides/factions.  So basically, there's this 'satellite/mutant' by the name of Bastion, who can control the body of any human or mutant that he wants.  He's planning an attack on the planet that would lead to the death of many people and the mutants have to stop him.  All along, he is controlling one of the people who are also involved in the whole 'destroy the Earth' situation.  Along your journey you meet up with members of both the Brotherhood and the X-Men.  You can choose to do their quests and many characters are met through the story.  You also have items which you have to pick up through the game.  These items are either; character info, character skills, costumes and much more.  Some of these items can also be earned from the  

Adrian in one of the attainable costumes - Juggernaut
challenge/arenas. You encounter these arenas throughout the game.  Each arena has their own achievements which you have to beat in order to get the collectible.  Some of the collectibles are very helpful, such as the character skills.  Basically, these character skills are skills that other X-Men or Brotherhood members have, but when you collect them you can equip them and use them.  In the end, you choose whether you want to side with the Brotherhood or X-Men, either way ends on a somewhat positive note.  The trophies/achievements for the game are pretty easy and they're also very self-explanatory.  This is a single player game so I wouldn't recommend the game if you get bored easily.  It does involve 2 play-through (you get to keep your collectibles for the second play-through though.  Basically, I recommend this game for any gamer.  It has a nicely flowing story-line and can honestly keep you entertained.  I wouldn't recommend this for anyone 12-, because there is quite a bit of violence in the game (obviously!) 
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Putting the Puzzle Back Together

This game brings back many memories...  I remember staying up all night with a friend trying to finish this darn game!  Nelson Tethers:  Puzzle Agent is a adventure/puzzle game which is available on many platforms (PS3, iPad, iPhone etc.)  The game is a bit challenging and is a very 'brainiac-ish' game.  You play as Nelson, who is a FBI agent that is supposed to reopen an eraser company which just suddenly stopped production.  He goes into this 'sketchy' city and is met with a series of puzzles.  While looking further into the mystery you must solve puzzles (some quite difficult, and some pretty easy).  If you begin to get frustrated with a puzzle I would recommend looking up the answer because some of the puzzles are just downright ridiculous.  I must say that this game has some hard trophies.  One of the hardest trophies would be completing the game without using a piece of gum.  The gum is technically hints for the puzzles.  If you use even one piece you can not get the trophy.  Since many of the puzzles are challenging this poses great difficulty.  My recommendation; don't drink 3 energy drinks to help you stay up all night to beat the game.  You will be extremely exhausted afterwards, and your brain will feel like mush.  I really enjoyed this game, because I thought that it had a very original idea.  I don't know many well thought-out puzzle games that are actually enjoyable, and I'm glad that I finally found one!  This is a great game to play with your family and friends, (personal experience) since someone else may see a piece of the puzzle that you are missing.  This game is appropriate for any age and is very enjoyable.  It can keep you entertained for hours and may have you pulling your hair out at certain points.  However, just think outside the box and I'm sure you'll beat the game.  So in conclusion; I suggest that everyone tries to play this game at least once in their life, because it will be worth-while.
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Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Special: Costume Craze

So since it is the week of Halloween I decided to do a Halloween themed game and get the blog into the 'scary' mood!  Costume Quest is a role-playing game that is strictly single-player.  The game was alright, not particularly my favourite game, but it was very enjoyable.  The game can get confusing at some parts so if you do end up getting stuck in certain sections of the game I'd encourage you to follow a game guide.  For the story-line you play as the sister who has to save her brother from the monsters.  The brother had gotten kidnapped because he was dressed as candy corn and the monster thought he was food.  Throughout the game you collect candies (which you use to buy certain items and cards) and you collect/earn different costumes.  Each costume gives you certain attributes in the battles which you fight against the monsters which you encounter throughout the game.  Some of the examples of costumes that you collect are; a soldier, unicorn, robot etc.  The battle-mode of the game is pretty quick-time in which you have to make the decision whether to attack, block or use the special move for the costume you're wearing.  The cards are used to give you certain bonuses (extra health, defence etc).  To get cards you can buy them from the store (which is an NPC that you have to find).  There are also many other NPCs throughout the game that may or may not give you a quest or challenge which you can complete to gather items.  The game has some DLC as well, which consists of the crew going to a winter-themed world as well as an amusement park.  In general, I thought the game was very well thought-out and that it was actually quite enjoyable.  It's a very age-appropriate game and I could see many younger kids enjoying the game.  It's not a very party-friendly game since no more then one person can be playing at a time.  I would recommend this game to any parents or siblings that want to get a game that could be enjoyed by their young child/sister/brother, or by anyone who wants a game that can be completed quite quickly.    
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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Battle of the Century

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a fighting game that consists of both a multiplayer and a single-player mode.  In my opinion, the single-player was very repetitive and eventually it became a burden that I just wanted to finish.  Basically, the story-line is the same for each character (the people that you fight etc.) but each character has a different 'enemy', which is the 'boss fight' in the middle of the story-line.  The characters in the game are all cross-overs from different games on the PS3 console (Kratos from God of War, Nariko from Heavenly Sword, Drake from Uncharted etc.)  New characters have been added recently too (Kat, Zeus and Emmett).  I think that there could have possibly been a bit more effort thrown into the single-player but overall it was alright.  The portion of the single-player that I enjoyed was the introduction.  Each character had their own introduction and 'mid boss-fight' cut-scene  which were quite amusing.  Personally, I enjoyed the multiplayer much more then I enjoyed the single-player because I loved fighting against other teams/people.  The multiplayer has many competitive modes such as 2v2 (elimination, most kills, kill limit etc.).  However, you can also play in a free for all match.  There is both ranked mode (you get belts depending on the amount of wins and losses you gained) and regular match mode.  If you're starting off I'd recommend playing in the regular mode because people who play the ranked mode tend to be hard-core players who don't see losing as an option.  I found that the online community on the game was actually decent.  There were no people that were trying to start fights and everyone just tried to have good times together.  However, I found that most of the people I played against were complaining about certain characters being 'over-powered'.  I do admit that even I believe that some characters (Zeus) are overpowered just because of how far their 'special' bar fills, or how they can constantly attack you without you being able to exit the combo (loops), and even the kill confirms tended to be a pain but overall each character has their advantages and disadvantages.  This game somewhat reminded me of Super Smash Bros. Brawl so if you liked that game I would highly recommend All-Stars.  I would actually recommend this game to anyone, it's very age-appropriate and it's a fun game to play at parties or with your friends and family!
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Racing Thoughts

PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap is a racing game that is basically an expansion to PixelJunk Racers and yet again it is only available on the PS3 console.  Honestly, I didn't really enjoy this game because the trophies were a bit demanding but I would consider this game great for parties or just a game to constantly come back to.  When I race against other people it just bring out the competitor in me and sometimes I can get a bit violent.  This game does have a bit of a cartoon-ish touch to it and I consider it to be a cute game.  The single-player is pretty simple with different race modes.  Some of the modes include; Balloon Burst (You inflate your car before the point of it popping and then avoid the cars), Sudden Death (if you get hit by a missile you die), Student Drivers (a bunch of cars on the track that constantly swerve lanes) and many more.  The game can be enjoyable but is possibly one of the most stressful 100%s that I've played.  Some of the trophies can take a long time to achieve but if you're just playing the game for fun then I do recommend it.  This isn't a very quick finish but it doesn't take a ridiculous time to complete.  The multiplayer is basically the single-player plus one other person.  Not only do you have different game modes but you also have different maps (some less challenging then others).  These maps may have certain features (lane separators  overlapping tracks etc.) and I personally though that they were interesting.  The game's really simple and basically consists of three buttons.  It's really easy to get used to and eventually you'll be cruising through the tracks with no problems.  Personally, this wouldn't be one of my favourite games and it would probably be on the lower section of my list but I do have quite a few gamer friends that enjoyed it so I thought I would throw in my input of the game.  Overall, I'd recommend this game for anyone that needs a quick and simple party game or for someone who just enjoys games that they can come back to constantly (just like I did).
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Perspective of Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is an action-adventure, drama interactive game.  The story revolves around the main character Jodie Holmes.  As a child she was given/born with this 'special power' which you use throughout the game.  She has an extra soul by the name of Aiden who you control.  The story-line progresses point by point and is pretty easy to follow.  The story-mode is not put into chronological order but it's self-explanatory so it's not confusing.  You follow Jodie on her adventure which consists of her going through her childhood, CIA training, homelessness and much more.  The story tends to get depressing at some parts but that's necessary for such an amazing story-line.  The details in the game are amazing and I've never seen better graphics in any other game that I've played.  This is my new all-time favourite game and it was just released recently.  The game is only available on the PS3 console which makes me feel really grateful.  The game tends to create relationships with many different characters and makes you feel somewhat sad when you have to part ways.  You make certain decisions through the story that could result in you getting a trophy or not.  Some of the parts are really fast-paced and involve quite a bit of concentration but overall this game is a pretty easy play.  The commands are really straight forward as well and the game is easy to get used to.  Personally, I think this game is amazing in all aspects.  It has a great story-line, great length, difficulty, graphics and much more.  I highly recommend this game to anyone especially people that may have enjoyed the game Remember Me.  
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Psychos, CL4-TP and Vault Hunters - First Encounters

If the title didn't already give it away then the game that's being reviewed today is Borderlands! This game would be categorized as a action role-playing, first-person shooter.  The game has both a multiplayer and single-player feature which is practically the same thing.  At the beginning of the game you're given a choice between the 4 Vault Hunters.  You can either choose Lilith the Siren, Roland the Soldier, Mordecai the Hunter or Brick the Berserker.  Each character has a secret ability that you uncover once you reach level 5 and each of these abilities have their own ups and downs.  As well, each character has a certain weapon that is stronger to them then to the other Vault Hunters.  For example, Lilith is stronger with an SMG then she is with a sniper because it is the weapon of her class.  You go through the story mode completing missions and ultimately fighting many bosses along the way.  You level up and get skill points which can be used to fill in your skill tree as well as gathering weapons that are stronger then the ones you begin with.  The multiplayer portion of the game can be really useful because it allows somebody to come along with you on your adventure.  They can also help you beat the story-mode if they're a higher level and stronger then you.  I also find that many people on the game are willing to give you weapons that they may have found on their adventure that could possibly help you out.  My recommendation for starting off the game is to play with each character.  It helps you get a feel for the game and it also allows you to finish a trophy/achievement in the process.  Get used to each of the character's special ability and then make your decision on which character you want to play the story with.  There's also a lot of downloadable content (DLC) for this game.  I found that the Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot was a bit of a bore and that it really took a lot of willpower to finish because it went on for a long time.  So if you don't have a lot of patience I wouldn't recommend getting that DLC.  Overall, I do believe that this is a good game, but personally I prefer the second game of the series.  I'd recommend this to anyone that really likes a funny story-line and action adventure games.  There are a few minor glitches in the game but overall it runs smoothly and is a fun play.
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