Thursday, 24 October 2013

Racing Thoughts

PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap is a racing game that is basically an expansion to PixelJunk Racers and yet again it is only available on the PS3 console.  Honestly, I didn't really enjoy this game because the trophies were a bit demanding but I would consider this game great for parties or just a game to constantly come back to.  When I race against other people it just bring out the competitor in me and sometimes I can get a bit violent.  This game does have a bit of a cartoon-ish touch to it and I consider it to be a cute game.  The single-player is pretty simple with different race modes.  Some of the modes include; Balloon Burst (You inflate your car before the point of it popping and then avoid the cars), Sudden Death (if you get hit by a missile you die), Student Drivers (a bunch of cars on the track that constantly swerve lanes) and many more.  The game can be enjoyable but is possibly one of the most stressful 100%s that I've played.  Some of the trophies can take a long time to achieve but if you're just playing the game for fun then I do recommend it.  This isn't a very quick finish but it doesn't take a ridiculous time to complete.  The multiplayer is basically the single-player plus one other person.  Not only do you have different game modes but you also have different maps (some less challenging then others).  These maps may have certain features (lane separators  overlapping tracks etc.) and I personally though that they were interesting.  The game's really simple and basically consists of three buttons.  It's really easy to get used to and eventually you'll be cruising through the tracks with no problems.  Personally, this wouldn't be one of my favourite games and it would probably be on the lower section of my list but I do have quite a few gamer friends that enjoyed it so I thought I would throw in my input of the game.  Overall, I'd recommend this game for anyone that needs a quick and simple party game or for someone who just enjoys games that they can come back to constantly (just like I did).
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  1. I really liked Mario Kart when I was a kid, is this game at all similar?

    1. I would say the concept is somewhat similar, but the overall game has some major differences. Mario Kart is much more visually appealing as well while Pixel Junk is just a very simple racing game. Mario Kart would seem to have had more effort and developing time put into it.

  2. Is there the ooption to play against more tahn just one other player? I think that would make it a good party game! I wa snever very good at mario Kart, do you think this is any easier? With all the racing games out there, what makes this one different?