Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Choose Your Destiny

Aimi - One of character choices
Aimi - One of the character choices, whooping some bad guy ass!
So I'm sure that many of you have heard of the X-Men.  A new game has been released, but this one allows a bit more self-freedom.  The game's called X-Men:  Destiny and is a really kick-ass game!  So this game is a beat 'em up, action role-playing game, and it is available for most consoles (Xbox, PS3 etc.).  You start the game by choosing a character.  The 3 characters you can choose are Aimi, who was smuggled out of Japan by her mutant parents, Grant, a college student who wishes to become a pro football player, and Adrian, who was born in an anti-mutant family.  Most of the story is the same for each character, but each character does have minor lines/scenes which contribute to their own personal story.  The main story-line is that you can join either the Brotherhood ('bad') side or the X-Men's side in saving the world.  You do certain missions which will award you with rewards and points that go towards one of the two sides/factions.  So basically, there's this 'satellite/mutant' by the name of Bastion, who can control the body of any human or mutant that he wants.  He's planning an attack on the planet that would lead to the death of many people and the mutants have to stop him.  All along, he is controlling one of the people who are also involved in the whole 'destroy the Earth' situation.  Along your journey you meet up with members of both the Brotherhood and the X-Men.  You can choose to do their quests and many characters are met through the story.  You also have items which you have to pick up through the game.  These items are either; character info, character skills, costumes and much more.  Some of these items can also be earned from the  

Adrian in one of the attainable costumes - Juggernaut
challenge/arenas. You encounter these arenas throughout the game.  Each arena has their own achievements which you have to beat in order to get the collectible.  Some of the collectibles are very helpful, such as the character skills.  Basically, these character skills are skills that other X-Men or Brotherhood members have, but when you collect them you can equip them and use them.  In the end, you choose whether you want to side with the Brotherhood or X-Men, either way ends on a somewhat positive note.  The trophies/achievements for the game are pretty easy and they're also very self-explanatory.  This is a single player game so I wouldn't recommend the game if you get bored easily.  It does involve 2 play-through (you get to keep your collectibles for the second play-through though.  Basically, I recommend this game for any gamer.  It has a nicely flowing story-line and can honestly keep you entertained.  I wouldn't recommend this for anyone 12-, because there is quite a bit of violence in the game (obviously!) 
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