Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Putting the Puzzle Back Together

This game brings back many memories...  I remember staying up all night with a friend trying to finish this darn game!  Nelson Tethers:  Puzzle Agent is a adventure/puzzle game which is available on many platforms (PS3, iPad, iPhone etc.)  The game is a bit challenging and is a very 'brainiac-ish' game.  You play as Nelson, who is a FBI agent that is supposed to reopen an eraser company which just suddenly stopped production.  He goes into this 'sketchy' city and is met with a series of puzzles.  While looking further into the mystery you must solve puzzles (some quite difficult, and some pretty easy).  If you begin to get frustrated with a puzzle I would recommend looking up the answer because some of the puzzles are just downright ridiculous.  I must say that this game has some hard trophies.  One of the hardest trophies would be completing the game without using a piece of gum.  The gum is technically hints for the puzzles.  If you use even one piece you can not get the trophy.  Since many of the puzzles are challenging this poses great difficulty.  My recommendation; don't drink 3 energy drinks to help you stay up all night to beat the game.  You will be extremely exhausted afterwards, and your brain will feel like mush.  I really enjoyed this game, because I thought that it had a very original idea.  I don't know many well thought-out puzzle games that are actually enjoyable, and I'm glad that I finally found one!  This is a great game to play with your family and friends, (personal experience) since someone else may see a piece of the puzzle that you are missing.  This game is appropriate for any age and is very enjoyable.  It can keep you entertained for hours and may have you pulling your hair out at certain points.  However, just think outside the box and I'm sure you'll beat the game.  So in conclusion; I suggest that everyone tries to play this game at least once in their life, because it will be worth-while.
Sources:  Image taken from Google


  1. I agree - It's nice to see a puzzle game witha story line! Much different from things like big-brain academy and the like. It's really ahrd to get my cousins to do things that are education without making them feel like they're learning and this might be the ticket! Personally puzzle-games are my absolute favorite ;)

    1. Haha, yea I'm sure any little kid would enjoy the game. It has just enough of a cartoon aspect to it!