Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Special: Costume Craze

So since it is the week of Halloween I decided to do a Halloween themed game and get the blog into the 'scary' mood!  Costume Quest is a role-playing game that is strictly single-player.  The game was alright, not particularly my favourite game, but it was very enjoyable.  The game can get confusing at some parts so if you do end up getting stuck in certain sections of the game I'd encourage you to follow a game guide.  For the story-line you play as the sister who has to save her brother from the monsters.  The brother had gotten kidnapped because he was dressed as candy corn and the monster thought he was food.  Throughout the game you collect candies (which you use to buy certain items and cards) and you collect/earn different costumes.  Each costume gives you certain attributes in the battles which you fight against the monsters which you encounter throughout the game.  Some of the examples of costumes that you collect are; a soldier, unicorn, robot etc.  The battle-mode of the game is pretty quick-time in which you have to make the decision whether to attack, block or use the special move for the costume you're wearing.  The cards are used to give you certain bonuses (extra health, defence etc).  To get cards you can buy them from the store (which is an NPC that you have to find).  There are also many other NPCs throughout the game that may or may not give you a quest or challenge which you can complete to gather items.  The game has some DLC as well, which consists of the crew going to a winter-themed world as well as an amusement park.  In general, I thought the game was very well thought-out and that it was actually quite enjoyable.  It's a very age-appropriate game and I could see many younger kids enjoying the game.  It's not a very party-friendly game since no more then one person can be playing at a time.  I would recommend this game to any parents or siblings that want to get a game that could be enjoyed by their young child/sister/brother, or by anyone who wants a game that can be completed quite quickly.    
Sources:  Image taken from Google


  1. The players all look so cute and cartooney! I must say its nice to see a reversal of the classic "damsel in distress" thing that gets played up so much with mainstream media (even just taking mario bros for an example with princess peach), what do you think of the sexism in video games? I quite like the idea of the sister saving the day!

    1. I totally agree with you. I find that a lot of games are sexist and they portray female characters as sexual objects. It's refreshing to see some change. I also feel like the gaming industry made it seem appropriate for females to be exploited on the online gaming world as well (you learn to ignore it though).

  2. This game sounds awesome! From the pictures, the animation looks similar to Animal Crossing. You mentioned that you would recommended it for a young child. Is the graphic of the violence toned down then?